C64 Drums

Get the original crunchy drum sounds of the Commodore 64 with C64 Drums! This epic sample pack contains a healthy assortment of Commodore 64 percussion, sound effects, and a bonus folder of synth one-shots generated by the original SID chip! Perfect to create the soundtrack of your video game or to add thick drums to your way-to-clean electronic tracks!


  • 276 samples
  • 81 C64 Kicks
  • 85 C64 Snares
  • 23 C64 Sfx
  • 24 C84 HiHats
  • 26 C64 Claps
  • 20 C64 Toms
  • 5 C64 Sticks
  • Bonus: 12 synth one-shot (key-labeled and tuned)
  • Provided as 24-bit mono Wav files
  • Royalty-Free
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  • 11.8 MB of HD space
  • Software that reads 24-bit WAV files