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Problem: I get the "there is no instruments" error message. [Windows]

Solution: Make sure your .dll and .instruments folder are side by side in the same folder. They can be directly placed in your VSTplugin directory as long as both files are side by side. If you just copy the .dll without the .instruments folder in your VSTplugin folder, you'll get the "there is no instruments" error message as the .instruments folder contains the sound and graphic data that are loaded in the plugin.

Problem: I get the error message that the plugin is corrupted and can't be loaded. [macOS Catalina and up]

Solution: Since Catalina, Apple decided to imposed restrictions on developers who don't codesign their plugins. Because of the way SampleScience plugins are made, the process of codesigning is time-consuming and costly. That's why most of SampleScience plugins are only compatible with El Capitan to Mojave as indicated on each product page under requirements.

So far, only Hexagon Sky and Northern Boarders are compatible with Catalina and up.

However, there is a workaround described in this blog post by Osiris Guitar:

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